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Accaui Street, Next To Cyprus Embassy
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Yasmina is one of the many restaurants located in Ashrafieh, Beirut that serves Indian food.
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Horrible, horrible, horrible.... How did they manage to have such a combination of bad service, incompetent service, non-indian tiny food dishes and such expensive prices... The food tastes nothing like indian food. Wouldn't go there a second time nor recommend it to anyone...
03 October 2011 13:55:10
The place has a nice setting, and their outside seating is nice, the staff was friendly and well aware of the menu items but the service was very slow. The only Indian part of their menu was the name of their dishes; the actual plates we tasted were nowhere close to Indian food. The quality of food Vs price was way too expensive in rapport to the portion size, presentation and taste.
24 July 2011 09:35:10
it came with four t o6 pieces of the chicken squares. Their naan basket is for 7500l.l and it comes with one normal sized Naan (typical size you would get in any indian restaurant anywhere in the world...) but it was cut in 5 pieces... This is definitely a restaurant i would not come back to any time soon....
24 July 2011 08:33:02
this restaurant was a big disappointment, it has all the characteristics of a restaurant prone to fail: Overpriced, stingy, slow service and OK food. First of all let me start by the menu, the choices there are very limited and they were out of their daily special even though we were there at 9 for dinner. Second, their portion sizes were very small, their scallops dish was exactly just four scallops, with no sides for 62000l.l... what a rip off. Their butter chicken is not close to butter chicken and
24 July 2011 08:31:21
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